The Better Popcorn® Company.

For over a half-century, Black Jewell has been growing and selling
unique and naturally delicious Heritage and Heirloom popcorns.

In 1962, Black Jewell Popcorn began growing and selling a one-of-a-kind, black heirloom popcorn. Our customers were delightfully surprised by the different taste. Original Black popped bright white, pesky hulls were virtually nonexistent, and most importantly, it tasted better! For more than fifty years, Black Jewell Popcorn has grown into a company that brings you better tasting popcorns!

Our Mission:
Be The Better Popcorn® Company
by offering The Better Popcorn.
Better Taste. Better-For-You. Better For All.

What makes Black Jewell better?

We grow all our popcorn with local family farmers that are 4th, 5th, and 6th
generation farming families supporting regenerative agriculture practices
on their farms and within their local communities.

We consistently work to advance our impact on the environment with
improvements in waste reduction, sustainability, and recyclability.

We prioritize Better-For-You product innovations such as ingredient
formulations that lower fat and salt content, we offer Non-GM0 Verified and
AHA Heart Healthy certifications, and we use chemical free Microwave bags.

We actively support the natural environment with a focus on
Pollinators for Heathy Ecosystems.

  • We have eliminated all neonic pesticides, which are hazardous to pollinators, from all our popcorn growing.
  • We work with local farmers to plant pollinator plots on the farms where we grow our popcorns.
  • We advocate for better industry practices for pollinators.
  • We contribute financially to leading pollinator conservation and education non-profits: The Nature Conservancy, Pollinator Partnership, Xerces Society, Sycamore Land Trust, Monarch Watch, The Honeybee Conservancy, Journey North, and North American Butterfly Association. 
  • We support Bee City initiatives and the development of local public pollinator parks in the communities where we work.

Our Black Jewell Popcorn Growers.

For generations wholesome foods have come from family farms.
The same is true about the farm families that grow for Black Jewell.