Popcorn for Breakfast?

No, we aren’t trying to start a new Popcorn-for-Breakfast trend, but we did offer a taste to the local Indianapolis WISHTV Weekend Daybreak anchor, Brenna Donnelly, bright and early on a Saturday morning. Thanks to our membership with Indiana Grown, an organization highlighting Indiana based farmers and foods, we had the opportunity to chat about popcorn with Brenna on live TV (twice!) at 6:40am and 7:40am and showcase our BRAND NEW packaging across the entire line!


Did you sleep in? That’s ok you can watch it now!




We recently completed a packaging update to our entire line of Kernel, Microwave, and Pre-Popped Popcorn. With this refreshed look, we are bringing to the forefront the difference in our popcorn… the BLACK CORN and highlighting all the benefits the corn brings to your popcorn snacking experience.



The new packaging features the new tagline The Better Popcorn. Better Taste. Better For You. to articulate the differences the BLACK CORN brings to each snack. We’ve expanded on why the popcorn Tastes Better and is Better For You on the back or side panels of each package for curious consumers who want the details, but I’ll also break it down for you here:

Better Taste!

  • Heirloom Black Corn: Rare, Unique, & Small
  • Pops Bright White with Tiny Black Centers
  • Tender & Crispy Kernels
  • Richer Popcorn Taste

Better For You!

  • Non-GMO Verified
  • 100% Natural
  • More Antioxidants than Regular Popcorn
  • Thin Light Hulls that Virtually Disintegrate
  • Gluten-Free
  • Grown on Family Farms

Better For All!

  • We Support Pollinators for Healthy Ecosystems


New images of our BRIGHT WHITE popped corn against the black backdrop of the rest of the package play homage to our namesake and showcase the stark color difference from regular yellow corn when popped. We’ve also included the BLACK CORN cob on the Pre-Popped bags to make it abundantly clear to shoppers that this isn’t your ordinary yellow corn!



Thanks again to Indiana Grown and the WISHTV Weekend Daybreak Team for the opportunity to share Black Jewell’s Black Popcorn, The Better Popcorn, with popcorn lovers throughout the state! And don’t forget to Try The Better Popcorn for yourself by ordering online at Amazon.com.


Keep Popping!

Kate Childs, VP Sales & Marketing